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When an innocent ranch hand, Jack Clayton, is accused of killing the Judge’s daughter, he flees after being shot and tries to hold up in a run down church in the desert. Judge Murphy, with the aid of a corrupt sheriff, places a excessive bounty on his head for 20 thousand dollars and a full pardon to any wanted man or his gang if they can bring him in alive. The sheriff rides north to Santa Fe to get more deputies in hopes they can find Jack first. Trouble arrives early when several bounty hunters, gunslingers and wanted men and women discover Jack’s location. They all surround the old church. With so many quick tempers and desperados waiting to claim the bounty, things begin to get ugly. They soon learn they have only two days until the sheriff and his new found law dogs arrive and take the man in for themselves. To make it fair to everyone who claims to have a right to the wanted man, a contest of skill is suggested. One by one, the men and women must fight in a tournament style arena using guns, knives, and hand to hand combat. If they die or submit they are eliminated from the competition and the winner advances to another fight and one step closer to the bounty. The last man standing will get to claim Jack and deliver him to the judge. Unknown to the fighters, one of them is an ex-confederate soldier turned preacher. He is Jack’s half brother, and is fighting to keep his younger brother from the noose and may have a bullet for the sheriff, who sold him and others out to the Yankees to die during the civil war. Old wounds, new sins and redemption are all awakened on this bloody field of battle, but only one man can claim the bounty and coming in second place may get you a pine box.

Meet the Author, Mark Tarrant

Writing wild stories from vampires to fallen angels is my passion. If I can put myths, monsters or legends in historical places, that makes me feel great. Writing influences are Stephen King, Robert E Howard, Philip K Dick and several others. I like movies and comic books as well.

Working with and motivating writers ,artists, and creative people is something I enjoy. I write character driven adventures like pulp action stories.Extreme characters in adventurous situations, heroes and villains and the people who struggle within their worlds.

I want you to have fun reading the adventures, it’s about having fun on the pages. Most book signings are locally in NM and TX and I attend comic cons as much as I can.

Hit the bloody trail amigos!

Watch the Trailer

Shot in 7 hours with 35 volunteers, $700 and a big dream.

Imagine what we could do with a budget for a full film!

The Trailer Crew

We were blessed with an amazing cast and crew for our trailer. We thank everyone for their time and support!

Director/Writer: Mark Tarrant Trailer Editor: James Blackburn AD Wendy Boling DP Allen K Edgar PA William Robinson PA Kenn Ashe PA Alex Benz PA Carol Montoya Set and wardrobe Tabbi Orr Locations and Animal wrangler Fred Espinosa, the El Vaquero Ranch, Co-Producer, Livestock Coordinator, Wrangler Medic Michael Williams

Special thanks to the KOA in Santa Fe for parking and a wardrobe area!
934 Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe, NM 505 466 1419

We also could not have done this without the amazing props and wardrobe from The Prop House in Albuquerque!

Cast of primary actors
Judge Riley /Tim Malone Beth Riley /Melissa Coffee Sheriff Ryan /James Blackburn Charlie /Clint Glenn Jack /Matt Leyva Marshal Cole /Jackamoe Buzzell War Cloud /Adam Chess Duke /Albert Fry Jr

The awesome Extras! 
Avery Gonzalas Aurora Gonzalas Ken Ash Delina Jonathon Benavidez Daniel Griego Benjamin Andrew James Lane Royd McGarnish Fred Espinosa Mac Ryder Sam Desai II Adam Jenness Keith Couture Phillip Schmidt Danny Vasquez Kevin Alvarado

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